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Posted: 9/8/08


Obama Talks with O'Reilly: Part Two

September 8, 2008
by Diane W. Collins


Posted 9:03 p.m., CST


Point One: The interview was taped earlier last week for today's release date. Point Two: Today's press coverage of Sen. Obama revealed a shift in his policy on taxation. Now I understand why.


Getting past the rapid fire techniques of Bill O'Reilly and the battle-to-be-heard by Barak Obama is no easy task. However, my take away from the O'Reilly interview, Part Two was "on the job training."

Let me explain. Sen Obama began the interview discussing his Roosevelt "bottom-up" sense of economics. O'Reilly on the other hand clearly favors "trickle down" Reganomics. Obama's tax plan as articulated during the interview places the burden on the "rich." Obama reasons that if you have been blessed by this country and can afford to pay the increased tax, you should. O'Reilly views this as income redistribution.


O'Reilly went on to explain to the Senator that his taxation plan went far beyond Roosevelt and bordered on socialism. Then O'Reilly demonstrated to the Senator why his tax plan would back-fire. O'Reilly's points? Who do you think opens companies and hires people, pays half of the social security taxes for workers, provides health care, takes the risk, etc. The very people Obama would tax the most... per the plan discussed during the interview.


Most importantly, Obama's plan would include S Corporations within the $250,000 income target (small businesses -- the heart of the American economy and, let me add, the most likely not to offshore jobs) as well as individuals who invest.


Returning to the interview, there were the usual statistical battles associated with economic policy. Both O'Reilly and Sen. Obama eventually dismissed these arguments as potential manipulations and irrelevant. It came down to pure logic. Tax policy has to be fair... across the boards. This is not an economy that will allow you to inhibit investment in business growth or discourage new markets without severe consequence.


Now this is interesting. Listen to this. In press coverage today on CNN with Wolf Blitzer in the "Situation Room," it was stated that Obama seemed to be re-evaluating his approach to taxation with regard to the upper echelon. Did O'Reilly get to Obama? I think he did. My question: Can we afford a president who needs "on the job training?" I don't think so.


Further with the apparent revisions to Obama's tax plan, where is the money going to come from for the social programs and tax cuts he favors? Before Obama was Robinhood. Taking from the rich, giving to the poor. Now who is he? This was well addressed by O'Reilly.


Look. The only candidate that gets it is McCain. Want to read about his plan as articulated in McCain's acceptance speech? Here's the link. This is the speech the Democrats criticize as not mentioning the middle class?! (Biden even admitted in Lanhorn, PA he didn't listen to McCain's speech, but Biden went on to criticize it based on "his aides reviews.") Or better yet, listen to McCain's speech yourself. The video is located in the far right margin of this page.