Small Business USA: Survival? ...Yeah Baby!

Small business USA is the manifest destiny of our economy today. Sounds a little strange, but think about it. This business sector historically has been a major part of our GDP. It produces the jobs least likely to be off shored and it has become the haven for many considered "too old" to employ as they turn their years of experience and precious little capital into new enterprises.


For those who fit into this category it is kind of like the "Wild West" promising great reward and a chance to rebuild. We're reminded of the values of hard work and ingenuity. A work ethic that still clings to the American dream. In small business resides the contagious electricity our economy and our nation desperately needs.


So, how are they doing it? Not through Big Government. Check back for our first series on this fascinating story of courage and determination as we cover Americans who are making it happen.... once again.


Small Business USA: Survival? ... Yeah, Baby!





Small Business: What are you doing to survive in this economy? Tell us your story and we'll contact you.

Small Business USA: Survival? ...Yeah Baby!
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