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Updated: 8/7/14

Barack Obama
President of the United States
Barack Obama (D) Illinois




The White House:


Information on the Executive Office of the President, the President's Cabinet, the White House Staff, and other entities that exist within the White House can be found at whitehouse.gov.


Pro-Obama Super Pacs:


"Priorities USA Action"


"Organizing for Action," Pro-Obama "free standing" lobbying group formed 1/18/2013 as a non-profit Social Welfare organization. It is a 501c4 “issue advocacy” organization. "A 501c4 has a few distinct advantages over political parties and traditional political action committees (PACs): it can take corporate money, there’s no limit to how much it can raise from an individual or corporation, and donations do not have to be publicly disclosed."... Politico In addition, a 501(c)4 can have unlimited legislative activity as long as that activity involves the social issues (ie "exempt purpose") stated in its 501(c)4 filing.

Organizing for Action - Wikipedia defines organization

Organizing for Action Web site: www.BarackObama.com (We're not kidding.)

Chairman: Jim Messina

Executive Director: Jon Carson, who is currently the Director of the Office of Public Engagement in the White House.


Comments: So, in essence, it appears we have the Executive Branch forming a lobbyist group to petition Congress regarding Obama's legislative initiatives... Others have tried (including Reagan and Clinton). Let's watch this and see if it can be legally established. Right now, there doesn't appear to be the required separation from the Executive branch!


UPDATE: 10/24/23 - Obama went on to beat Mitt Romney in the 2012 election and served a second term as President of the United States. During that time many of the Obama Administration's policies gained a stronger foothold within our government changing not only politics but healthcare, energy, education, the economy, the election process... and in essence, our culture. The Democrats were defeated in the 2016 Presidential Election by the Republicans when Donald J. Trump was elected President. President Trump proceeded to systematically eliminate much of President Obama's agenda which had been implemented by Executive Order. President Trump put in place a more conservative agenda that emphasized a free market economy. Obama's extensive use of the "presidential pen" was a short sighted attempt to out maneuvor or circumvent the Legislative Branch... which has the sole authority to enact law. The Executive Branch is to "execute" or implement the laws passed by Congress. This point is extremely important to the survival of our Democratic Republic and is a protection against demagoguery. President Trump was defeated in the 2020 Presidential Election by Joeseph R. Biden, Jr. who is currently serving his first term and is expected to run for a second term in 2024. President Donald J. Trump is currently the leading Republican challenger to President Biden in the 2024 Presidential Campaign. President Obama remains involved in politics but appears to prefer working in the background. Something to be closely observed. As citizens of the United States of America it is our duty to ensure our elected officials, Republican or Democrat, execute their roles as defined by the Consitution of the United States of America.







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