Obama's Team 2013

Updated: 2/04/13

Barack Obama
President of the United States
Barack Obama (D) Illinois




The Cabinet:

Vice President Joe Biden

Secretary of State -John Kerry

Secretary of the Treasury - Acting Secretary Neal Wolin

Secretary of Defense - Leon E. Panetta (current presidential nominee: Sen. Chuck Hagel)

Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, Jr.

Secretary of the Interior - Kenneth L. Salazar will be leaving in March 2013. More as it presents.

Secretary of Agriculture - Thomas J. Vilsack

Secretary of Commerce - Rebecca M. Blank is the Deputy Secretary of Commerce. She became Acting Secretary in June 2012 and she continues to perform the duties of Secretary. 

Secretary of Labor -Acting Secretary Seth D. Harris

Secretary designate of Health and Human Services - Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Shaun L.S. Donovan
Secretary of Transportation - Raymond L. LaHood
Secretary of Energy -  Steven Chu
Secretary of Education - Arne Duncan
Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Eric K. Shinseki
Secretary of Homeland Security - Janet A. Napolitano


(The following positions have the status of Cabinet-rank:)

Council of Economic Advisers - Chair Christina Romer

Environmental Protection Agency - Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (resigned and is expected to leave in mid-January shortly after Obama's State of Union address)

Office of Management & Budget - Jeffrey Zients, Deputy Director

United States Trade Representative - Ambassador Ronald Kirk

United States Ambassador to the United Nations - Ambassador Susan Rice

Small Business Administration - Administrator Karen G. Mills



The White House Staff:

Chief of Staff -Jack Lew

Deputy Chief of Staff -Rob Nabors

Deputy Chief of Staff - Alyssa Mastromonaco

Counselor to the President - Pete Rouse

Senior Advisors - Valerie Jarrett, Dan Pfeiffer


Executive Office of the President:

Council of Economic Advisers -Chairman Alan B. Krueger

Council on Environmental Quality

National Security Council

Office of Administration

Office of Management and Budget

Office of National Drug Control Policy

Office of Science and Technology Policy

Office of the United States Trade Representative

Office of the Vice President

*President's Intelligence Advisory Board and Intelligence Oversight Board

*Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

White House Military Office - WHMO Director, George D. Mulligan, Jr.

White House Office


In addition, the following entities exist within The White House:

  • Office of the Press Secretary
  • Office of Scheduling and Advance
  • Office of the Staff Secretary
    • Presidential Correspondence
    • Executive Clerk
    • Records Management
  • Office of the White House Counsel
  • Office of White House Policy





Further Reading:

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Pro-Obama Super Pacs: "Priorities USA Action"


"Organizing for Action," Pro-Obama "free standing" lobbying group formed 1/18/2013 as a non-profit Social Welfare organization. It is a 501c4 “issue advocacy” organization. "A 501c4 has a few distinct advantages over political parties and traditional political action committees (PACs): it can take corporate money, there’s no limit to how much it can raise from an individual or corporation, and donations do not have to be publicly disclosed."... Politico In addition, a 501(c)4 can have unlimited legislative activity as long as that activity involves the social issues (ie "exempt purpose") stated in its 501(c)4 filing.

Organizing for Action - Wikipedia defines organization

Organizing for Action Web site: www.BarackObama.com (We're not kidding.)

Chairman: Jim Messina

Executive Director: Jon Carson, who is currently the Director of the Office of Public Engagement in the White House.


Comments: So, in essence, we have the Executive Branch forming a lobbyist group to petition Congress regarding Obama's legislative initiatives... Others have tried (including Reagan and Clinton). Let's watch this and see if it can be legally established. Right now, there doesn't appear to be the required separation from the Executive branch!