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Posted: 9/5/08


Senator Biden Campaigns in Pennsylvania

September 5, 2008
by Diane W. Collins


Today, Sen. Joe Biden, the Democratic party nominee for Vice President campaigned in Langhorn, PA for the party ticket.


Sen. Biden mentioned the Iraq war, education for our children, the job-loss reports for August (dismal and out today), the 6.1% unemployment rate,... hanging the failure of the American economy squarely on the shoulders of the Republican party.


Of course, Sen. Biden tied all of this to Sen. John McCain, the Republican party nominee for President, and close friend of Biden. The intent was to blur differences between McCain and the Bush administration while ignoring any blame that might rest on a Democratic Congress.

Biden went on to state, "This is a different Republican party. This is not your father's Republican party." Actually, the Republican party Sen. Biden is referring to has morphed. It's on McCain's watch now.


If Sen. Biden had listened to Sen. McCain's acceptance speech instead of letting aides critique it for him, he'd know that. Sen. Biden would also know that Sen. McCain addressed jobs, health care, energy and the middle class during his acceptance speech. Instead, Biden told the people of Pennsylvania "the silence (with regard to the lack of remarks in McCain's speech) was deafening on jobs, health care, energy and the middle class...


Actually, Sen. Biden it wasn't. If you look to the right of this article you'll see a video of Sen. McCain's acceptance speech. Feel free to view it. In the spirit of fairness, yours is there too. Or, perhaps you'd like to read our review of Sen. McCain's speech. It appears to be more complete than that of your aides. Here's the link: Review: Sen. John McCain's Acceptance Speech




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