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America, Are We Moving Toward a Totalitarian State?

Friday, April 1, 2011, 3:18 pm, Central

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Diane W Collins

The Weekly Wrap

"America, Are We Moving Toward a Totalitarian State?


Welcome to the Weekly Wrap. I’m Diane Collins.


Congress returned from recess this week with the Senate reconvening on Monday, March 28th and the House on Tuesday, March 29th. The major topics covered during the week on the Hill both in session and in committee were the funding of the federal government and the situation in Libya. As mentioned last week, we believe the priority is the FY 2011 budget resolution and we will concentrate on that issue today.


H.R. 1255, The Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011 was introduced on the House floor March 30th by Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR). The bill represents the "line in the sand" drawn by Conservatives requiring a deadline for funding the federal government through the remainder of FY 2011. That deadline is April 6th, otherwise, the bill states H.R. 1 as enacted by the House becomes law. Further, H.R. 1255 stops salary payments to members of Congress and the president for each day the government remains unfunded or has reached its debt ceiling. The vote is today (in fact the House is considering the bill as I write.) Though there are constitutional questions as to whether the House can enacted law "by provision" due to inaction of the Senate, it is evidence of the frustration Conservatives have with the Left's refusal to cut spending and face the reality of the debt.


In addition, Conservatives have endured a continued onslaught from the Left as they degrade the Tea Party and attempt to split the coalition. Sens. Harry Reid (D-NV), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have been face forward in this with Sen. Reid issuing a statement Democrats and Republicans had reached "agreement" on terms to fund at approximately $33B in cuts. However, Speaker Boehner rejected Reid's statement saying there is no such agreement. Sen. Schumer is pushing blame for a potential government shutdown on the Tea Party when it is obvious it is the Left that wants to shut it down. As mentioned last week, this is the Left's strategy. Remember, the Executive branch is in charge of administering any shutdown that might occur. In past instances, the least vital government services were closed first. In this case, we have been subjected to a series of continuing resolutions which have not provided for annual appropriations... so, how much money is available to keep anything running? Things are different this time around. The affect of shutting down the government could bring chaos.


Are we unwittingly facing another "crisis not to be wasted?" Is this an opening for President Obama potentially to declare a "State of Emergency" limiting civil rights extended by the Constitution; and further Marshall Law, in the face of potential riots arising? Passing H.R. 1255 is paramount in showing the American public the serious nature of our country's debt crisis and the desire of Conservatives to solve the problem. The question of constitutionality is moot in that H.R. 1255 still must be passed by the Senate and signed by the President. The bill will not take effect until such. But, it makes for far Left theater. (H.R. 1255 passed the House, final vote 221 to 202.)


Rep. Woodall (R-GA)

Rep. Bob Woodall (R-GA)

Showing blank placard

representing Senate action on FY 2011 Budget

What of the Senate? Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA) presented on the House floor today the best visual regarding Senate action declaring, "They've done nothing!" Rep. Woodall went on to challenge the Senate to act, "Send us something, just act!" Sens. Reid and Schumer continue to stall, continue to blame, and continue to push America toward anarchy. There is method in the far Left's strategy. We watch a world in turmoil as the Middle-East erupts. A shutdown of the Republic of United States of American after months of continuing resolutions would further world chaos. Conservatives want to cut spending and pass a responsible FY 2011 budget so we can move to the FY 2012 budget. The far Left desires a government shutdown. Why?


That is the important question. What will Obama, who is a far left ideologue and his administration do to use a crisis like a government shutdown? Will they escalate the crisis to their own advantage? Will Obama then declare a "State of Emergency" and limit civil rights? If riots ensue will Marshall Law be enacted? Are we like lambs being led toward a totalitarian state? And, should these things ensue would it be too late to implement impeachment? Outrageous? Wake up.


All this as the Middle-East continues to spin into chaos while NATO dithers and our ally, Israel stands alone.



See you next week.




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