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America, a Debtor Nation, Part Two: The Reality of What We've Become,
The Effect on What We Do

Friday, March 25, 2011, 1:43 am, Central

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The Weekly Wrap

"America, a Debtor Nation:

The Reality of What We've Become;

The Effect on What We Do"


Welcome to the Weekly Wrap. I’m Diane Collins.


Congress was in recess this week with a planned date of return on Monday, March 28th for the Senate and Tuesday, March 29th for the House. Two major issues will headline on the Hill. In my mind, priority number one is the next "continuing resolution" for FY 2011 mindful that the current extension expires on April 8th. The second priority is to determine our policy toward Libya. Are we conducting a police action; involved in the execution of a unilateral UN resolution; or at war? In that there is little to report on the progress of the FY 2011 budget other than what was said last week, let's look at where we are in Libya; and how our actions in the Middle East have affected our world standing.


Much has been made of how President Obama approached the situation in Libya Some accuse him of moving too slowly. Others applaud the methodical, calculated response. The comments show the clear delineation of philosophies drawn in last week's report, "nationhood" or the "nation state" versus a "one world" order or the "world citizen" view. As we mentioned, President Obama sees himself as a "world citizen" and moved his world order view forward by minimizing his oversight of the Libya action. Leaning to the strong maternal, he sent Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton to France to "wage war" alongside French Prime Minister, Nicolas Sarkosy. Obama went to Brazil where, as others have reported he spoke about trade issues encouraging Brazilian offshore drilling and their importing of oil to the US while willing American domestic oil producers wait for permits to drill. To those who believe in nationhood, the trip to Brazil diminished the presidency. On the other hand, "world order" types praised it as a calculated response showing all the United States was not taking leadership of the Libya action. Anyone who knows anything about our military capability as compared to other nations knows how ridiculous this claim is. Of course, we took the lead. It was control we handed to the French. It's like the guy who runs the company because he has the expertise, but answers to a figurehead.


As the week wore on, it became clear the French did not want control. The Arab League consisting of Egypt, Iraq, Jordon, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen which had sanctioned the action, waffled. Perhaps they were contemplating what would replace Gadhafi. It could easily be Al Qaeda. Then, early Friday morning the Emirates News Agency released a report updating the "status of the UAE's participation in support of UN resolution 1973." They support the humanitarian efforts and have committed twelve planes to be used in those efforts. Discussion of a "coalition of nations" including countries not members of the UN was bandied about in case the United States pulls out early. Actually, it's probably cover for pulling out early. Wonder who's directing that move? According to the Denver Post, "the allied action in Libya, in its third day, provoked harsh condemnation from Russia and China, which had abstained in the United Nations Security Council during last week's vote..." China owns us. Isn't it interesting, President Obama stated in his press conferences this week the United States would be out of Libya shortly... probably in a few weeks? This is what "world order" looks like. Personally, I think the term is an oxymoron and represents paradoxical marketing. Confusion, chaos, failure to act decisively, inability to agree. World turmoil. Sort of sounds like Congress right now doesn't it. Why? The same battle of philosophies is being waged on the Hill... nation state versus world order.


So why does China want us out? According to China Business News, "No official figures have been released yet, but experts predict the losses Chinese companies incur from the Libyan unrest will be big." And Russia... a National Business report states Russia is set to profit from not only Libya but the Japan crisis. They are selling natural gas to displaced markets. This flies in the face of Russia's ambassador to Libya who, according to The Australian was fired prior to the UN vote, "...after he sent a telegram to President Dmitry Medvedev saying that siding with the West against Libya would essentially amount to betrayal of Moscow's interests in the country." (The definition of "Moscow's interests" seems to have been subjective with the ambassador decidedly on the wrong side of that issue.) Though outed, Russia accomplished a "yes vote" by abstaining and not using its veto power... different means, same end.


Economic interest and the uncertainty of what type of government might arise post-Gadhafi will cause the "humanitarian effort" to be re-thought. It is economic interests that start and end wars. "Humanitarian efforts" simply provide entrée. Gadhafi may very well remain in power though bloodied, bruised, and renewed in his vigor to use his vast wealth for terror. (Fox News has reported Gadhafi stashed approximately $40B in cash comprised of dinars and dollars in Libyan banks not subject to international seizure.) What affect on world opinion will early US departure cause? Without removing Gadhafi from power, we will signal failure to our enemies although the administration will herald it as the completion of a "humanitarian mission." And, that getting rid of Gadhafi speak President Obama gave? That was/is simply US "policy," not the mission's objective. At the insistence of our "masters" our departure will diminish further our image as a world leader. We will look like what it is we have become... a mercenary nation at the beck and call. Our product? Military might, American blood.


Want to change the picture? Get rid of the debt. Fight for the nation state... The Republic; and stand for our ally, Israel who fights alone for democracy in this Middle-East chaos, even as militants from Gaza fire rockets into the country and a terrorist attack is carried out in Jerusalem spreading fears of war. If not, we will suffer the "new world" order and when the question is asked, "who will stand?" No one will answer. For many, that's a prophetic state.


See you next week.




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