The Iowa State Fair: Romney's Showing Strong

August 11, 2011

12:18 pm, Central

Diane W. Collins



Republican 2012 presidential candidates are gathering in Iowa to increase their chances of a strong showing in the Iowa Straw Poll. Today, at the Iowa State Fair presidential candidate and past governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney delivered exactly that during a speech at the Des Moines Register's soap box booth but it is what happened after Romney's remarks that showed him "presidential." The man doesn't run and hide.


Upon finishing his address to the crowd, Gov. Romney took questions. It was apparent the Left had shown up early in order to obtain front row seats from which to launched a verbal attack that at times was nothing more than an attempt to shout down the governor's response. Governor Romney was firm in keeping control, allowed others to speak and took his right to do so as well. (It isn't possible to simply ask the Left to allow you to speak, that's not their purpose.)


The persons asking questions came armed with video cameras, set up? Yeah, think so. But, the questions helped Gov. Romney make his point in more than one instance. The first question: "Do you support scrapping the social security cap on payroll taxes so rich people pay their fair share into the trust fund?" Romney's response outed the question as an attempt to increase class warfare. He went on to explain his view which is that "we're all connected" and class warfare hurts everyone. Romney explained if you're asking people to "pay their fair share" you need to understand that half of the people in the United States don't pay any taxes all. Romney asked the crowd if they knew what we would have to increase the payroll tax rate to in order to provide entitlements to future generations without changes in the program. According to the governor, the tax rate would need to increase to 44% from the current 15.3%.


During the raucous question and answer period Romney's main points were he will not raise taxes or grow government to solve America's problems; and that the promises we make regarding Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid must be promises we can keep....


The rancor that ensued from the small but loud group gathered in the front where camera's could film is testimony to the Left's efforts to scare seniors telling them Republicans are out to destroy their social security and Medicare. It is sad that the lies from the Left continue to obstruct some America's understanding of the truth just as they did in the recent debate over raising the debt ceiling and reducing the deficit. This was evident by the impassioned and belligerent manner one senior lobbed at Romney. Republicans are trying to find ways to make adjustments to the system for FUTURE seniors. Purpose? To ensure that the program still exists when they are ready to retire. We need to focus on making this clear and fighting back the Pelosi onslaught of half-truths.


Listen to Gov. Romney as he faces the hard questions about Social Security, Medicare, tax reform, and creating jobs. It was impressive. Strong showing, Gov. Romney. Kudos.




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