Debt Crisis: Boehner & Republican Leadership Introduce Two Step Plan While Reid Obfuscates

July 25, 2011

4:14 pm, Central

Diane W. Collins



Speaker Boehner & House Republican Leaders

Republican Plan B

Speaker Boehner and the House Republican Leaders presented their alternative plan today following the Senate's rejection of Cut, Cap and Balance.


The new plan to increase the debt ceiling by 2.5T is not yet in legislative form. However, it is reported to be a two step process that would cut spending in phase one by $1.2T over 10 years while immediately increasing the debt ceiling by $1T. Problems? Caps are over ten years. Debt limit increase is immediate but not enough to avoid a second fight over the debt ceiling increase just prior to the 2012 election... requiring another vote.


As reported by The National Journal, phase two of Boehner's plan borrows heavily from McConnell's "Last Option." It would establish a bipartisan committee to cut an additional $1.6T - $1.8T by November 23rd, fast track the cuts through the House and Senate without amendments on an up-or-down vote by December 23rd. If enacted, congress would "authorize" Obama to request the phase two increase to the debt ceiling, not to exceed $1.5T. Then the complex process we described in our past article, Debt Crisis: Is "McConnell Plus" the New "Slaughter Solution?" would take place to ensure the increase occurs without Republicans having to "vote." This is where I step back. Boehner's Plan includes the fake "Resolution of Disapproval" and pathway to a subsequent sustained veto... This complex political maneuvering is similar in intent to the "Slaughter Solution" Democrats used to avoid appearances of having voted for the Health Care Reform Act of 2010. In addition, Boehner's Plan requires a simple majority vote in both the House and Senate on "a balanced budget amendment" (non-specific) by October 11th which would not qualify as a 2/3rd Constitutional amendment. Boehner admitted "...this isn't pretty," but it is the product of compromise in trying to produce legislation that can make it through both the House and Senate. Republicans intends to present the plan on the House floor by Wednesday.


Reid 7-25-11

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, (D-NV)

Democrats Plan B

Reid's Plan isn't much on honesty either. It would raise the debt ceiling past the 2012 elections which Obama has stated he favors because it supports him politically. Reid states the plan cuts $2.7T in spending, but a large part of that comes from cutbacks scheduled to occur regardless because of the downsizing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Reid pats himself on the back for "not touching Medicare and Social Security" when in essence this means entitlement programs will run out of money long before those currently paying employee taxes retire.


It seems the only ones willing to take off the mask and face the truth, ugly as it is, are the American people. The lies in the room are more transparent than our politicians realize. That is unfortunate. "The Emperor Has No Clothes" is the game everyone is playing. In the fairytale, it only took someone willing to tell the truth to open eyes in the emperor's court, dispel lies, and fix the problem. If it were only that easy. What is worrisome in our real world is when a government covers its eyes and is restricted from or no longer chooses to listen to the people.



UPDATE: President Obama and Speaker Boehner Remarks

President Obama (D-IL)





QUICK TAKE - President Obama's Strategy: Eulogized the budget surplus of other administration (he didn't even mention Clinton). Incite class warfare. Scare the elderly. Blame the rich who "don't pay their fair share." Tell America no short-term solution will work (because it doesn't fit his political agenda.)












Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH)



QUICK TAKE - Speaker Boehner's Strategy: "Speaker of the whole House." Washington's dysfunctional and doesn't run itself like a business. Mention Obama's addition to the debt since taking office. Give reassurance US won't default on debt. Americans won't increase debt without cuts and reforms. Cut, Cap and Balance was the solution. Obama said he'd veto and Senate tabled Cut, Cap and Balance. Plan B is like Cut, Cap and Balance. Obama moved the cheese in negotiations. Obama's balanced approach = "We spend more and you pay more." President wants blank check. Not going to happen. No stalemate in Congress. Senate will struggle to pass Reid's phony bill. House will pass Plan B with bipartisan support and it will pass in Senate. If President signs it, his "self-made crisis" will be over.





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