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"The Weekly Wrap" with Diane W. Collins

  Obamacare: Repeal and Replace or Implement and Improve?
  Sunday, January 23, 2011




ARCHIVE: Publications, Weekly Wrap


Correction: The Health Care Reform Act takes $500 billion from Medicare, not $500 million as is stated in our video. 1/23/11


The Weekly Wrap resumed on January 23, 2011. We began our coverage of the 112th Congress with HR 2, the repeal of the Health Care Reform Act in the House.


Republicans in control, the battle centered around the liberal Left's fight to instill public confidence in the idea of "implement and improve," their new health care mantra. It is our job as Conservatives to ensure the public sees through this ruse and is reminded of the "why" behind repeal. This week we did just that by citing the $2.6T true cost of the bill; the harmful effects on small business and the economy; the massive invasion Obamacare brings to our private lives; all while defusing the liberal Left's counter-attacks and misrepresentations.


Following our discussion of repeal, we reviewed H Res. 9, the foundation for replacement legislation. Again, the liberal Left attempted to discredit the bill as a "press release, a wish sandwich." It is important as Conservatives that we continue to keep the "why" of "repeal and replace" in front of the American people. We cannot allow complacency to win the day. The video is approximately 20 minutes.