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Posted: 9/3/08


Gov. Sarah Palin Addresses Republican National Convention

September 3, 2008
by Diane W. Collins


"Gift wrapping air" was a comment recently levied at the Democratic party during its national convention in Denver, Colorado last week. The comment got my attention. It referred to the packaging of Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden as the Democratic party 2008 nominees for President and Vice President of the United States respectively.


It seems there are those who feel Senator Obama might talk a good game, but lacks the foreign policy and executive experience necessary to be the President of the United States. In an attempt to short-cut the buzz, Obama tapped Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate bringing foreign policy experience to the ticket. In an atmosphere of celebration, the Democratic Party seemed to be offering America the "Dream Team."


Enter Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. In a brilliant political move John McCain, celebrated maverick and the Republican Party nominee for President chose an "agent of change" like himself to be his Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin.


With a record for putting her money where her mouth is, Governor Palin has demonstrated executive experience. In her twenty-some months as Governor of Alaska, Palin's accomplishments appear to trump Obama. And let us remind ourselves, Governor Palin is the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, not the Presidential nominee. Palin's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention hit one out of the park!


Now who has the dream ticket?


The liberal media sensing they'd been beaten went wild and the dirt is flying. It was a shameful day to be a journalist. Many will recognize this too late as Governor Palin addresses the Republic National Convention tonight establishing her record and winning her place.


We want to do our part. In an attempt to help make the 2008 Presidental Campaign a fair fight online, is dedicated to examining the differences between the Republican and Democratic tickets. We are interested in the issues facing the American people and the candidates whose experience qualifies them to lead. So tonight, we launch.


Stay tuned. This race just got interesting.





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