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Posted: 9/4/08


Obama Shifts Focus off Palin, duh!

September 4, 2008
by Diane W. Collins


In a press conference today following the taping of his interview with Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, Barack Obama attempted to shift the focus off Sarah Palin, Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States.


No wonder. Gov. Palin "hit one out of the park" for her party last night as she accepted the Republican nomination for Vice President of the United States. Gov. Palin's criticisim of the Democratic ticket and its lack of executive experience in comparision to her's was expertly delivered. She answered her critics loud-and-clear and a star was born, as evidenced by the enourmous coverage Gov. Palin is receiving online and in the traditional press.


Interesting isn't it. Obama wants to talk about John McCain now. Not Sarah Palin. I guess that goes to show the Dems are running just a little scared. Yeap... hockey moms and pit bulls... "the only difference, lipstick," according to Gov. Palin. America is loving it. John McCain's insight and judgement are vindicated once again.


Can't wait for the Vice Presidential debate. Senator Joe Biden might want to pick a shade that matches his outfit early... lipstick, that is.


Sarah... Sarah... Sarah...!!!


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