House Debate & Repeal of Health Care Reform... Why?

January 19, 2011

Diane W. Collins


Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN)

"It's about keeping promises..."

Rep. Mike Pence, (R-IN ) cut through the Left's rhetoric as they attempt to discredit the value of repealing the job killing Health Care Reform Act. Rep. Pence stated, "It is about keeping promises to the American people."


Demonstrating humility in governing is something the Left has never seemed to grasp. Progressives, as liberals now like to call themselves view the masses as "unenlightened" and in need of direction by those who are... namely them. "Ruling class" is not part of our governing structure in the United States... serving is. The right to serve (govern) comes from the people. Rep. Pence is making it clear the Republican party takes their commitment to the people seriously.


The House debate over repeal has shown the political Left's resolve to continue in their obfuscation of the facts. The liberal media maintains their support of that effort. Conservatives must work to keep Americans appraised of the "Why" behind repeal. Yesterday we covered the financial logic in repealing the job-killing Health Care Reform Act as described by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) in our article, House Begins Debate on Repeal of Health Care Reform. The true cost of the bill is stated to be $2.6T. Today, we offer reminders of the incredible tentacles this monstrous bill inserts into our economy.


Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Chair of the House Republican Caucus has quoted the National Federation of Independent Business (NIFB) saying there are 1.6 million reasons to repeal. That is the number of jobs lost by the employer mandate, according to the NIFB. Further, Hensarling cites the paperwork overload dumped on small business through the 1099 mandate requiring businesses to file the form for any supplier to whom they pay more than $600 a year.


What about the 16,000 IRS agents needed under the bill to search out those who don't purchase under the mandate? According the Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), new Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, “...the IRS could have to hire more than 16,000 additional agents, auditors and other workers just to enforce all the new taxes and penalties... It is a dangerous expansion of the IRS’s power and reach into the lives of virtually every American.”


Have we forgotten the bill takes $500 billion from Medicare to fund Health Care Reform? Say good bye to Medicare Advantage. How about the lie, "If you like your plan, you can keep it." I'm sure the employees of firms who have chosen to "opt out and pay the fine" might have something to say about that as they're dumped into the "government option." Remember the number of companies that took one-time write offs in recording non-cash expenses against earnings? According to Business Week, those included AT&T, Caterpillar Inc., AK Steel Holding Corp. and 3M Co. (AT&T took a $1B write-down.) If the Health Care Reform Act is such a good bill why have more than 200 corporations including AARP which supported the bill and McDonalds sought relief through a waiver so they don't have to comply?


Rep. Steve King (R-IA), member of the House Small Business Committee describes the Health Care Reform Act as a "malignant tumor." Republicans are keeping their promise to take action by repealing and replacing the Health Care Reform Act. Repeal in the House will take place today during a vote scheduled for 5:30 pm, Eastern. Its chances in the Senate are questionable and Obama will certainly veto the repeal if it makes it through the Senate. However, this is not a static situation. As Rep. King has stated, "The repeal process is a three legged stool." The US Congress is only one leg. The Health Care Reform Act is being challenged in the courts and by state governments.


If repeal fails beyond the House, Rep. King says they will vote on HR 38 to cut funding to the Health Care Reform Act for the balance of 2011 through 2012 in order to "slow the growth of this malignant tumor." Regardless, the House will continue to fulfill its promise to "repeal and replace" on Thursday by passing HR 9, a rule directing committees to begin developing replacement legislation. This most likely will include the ability to purchase insurance across state lines, medical liability reform, expansion of health savings accounts (HSAs), high risk pools... things offered by Republicans last year and ignored by the Left. Things that maintain the patient-doctor relationship and keep our health care outside the control of government bureaucrats. Republicans will prove what we know to be true, "We can do better."


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