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Posted: 09/14/08


Foreign Policy Issues & the 2008 Presidential Campaign

September 14, 20008
by Diane W. Collins


Posted 10:27 p.m., CST


Getting to the issues is imperative for the 2008 Presidential campaign as the American people grow tired of sensationalism and "air." But, we must not only identify the issues, we must prioritize their importance.


Let me explain. National security is the foremost issue. That is not to discount our economic and energy policies. They play hand-in-hand. Properly formed, economic and energy policies will allow us to preempt the activities of our enemies. But first we must ensure the national security. If it were another time in our history when America had a strong economy, focusing on our national security wouldn't be as important as it is today. But, it is today, not yesterday, and we must take a snapshot in time understanding the circumstances of now.


As citizens, it is our responsibility to identify and prioritize the external threat and support the presidential candidate whose security policy gives America time... Yes, time. Time to implement economic and energy policies that will diminish the power of our enemies and rebuild our economy.

Listen America, we are at a crossroads. Are we the citizens of a "modern day Rome" consumed in tabloid hedonism, inattentive... misdirected, as our enemies say? Are we so uninformed that we believe America can actually withdraw from the world stage and securely rest in a period of isolationism. That is naive. Stand up America! Our enemies are at the door and they are bent on stealing the American dream.


The internal crumbling of our economy has signaled a weakness. Our enemies sense opportunity. So much so, that Russia and Venezuela plan joint naval exercises in the Caribbean in November. Bolivia and Venezuela have broken diplomatic ties with the US and we have responded in kind. Vladimir Putin's re-awakened imperialism is evident in the Russian invasion of Georgia. Iran continues its development of nuclear power greatly antagonizing Israel and bringing into question America's support of a preemptive strike.


The nuclear question does not end there. What about Kim Jon Il? With reported illness and questions as to his abiity to govern, whose finger is on Korea's nuclear rebuilding program? And what about India and Pakistan, rivals equipped with nuclear weapons and a long history of hatred for one another? How will Pakistan's newly elected Prime Minister, Asif Ali Zardari handle his country's relations with India? What will be his policy toward Afghanistan?


We cannot stick our heads in the sand and declare a "vacation" from the world stage because we have made decisions that have brought our economy to its knees. This is not kindergarten. No one is going to call time out while America ties her shoes!


Stand up America and know that in order to "Put Country First," we must still have a country! John McCain understands that. He is the only candidate "who has truly fought for you," as Gov. Sarah Palin noted.


Sen. McCain will responsibly rebuild our military, giving us the time to restore our economy and rebuild the American dream. When you vote, choose the leader who will tell our enemies, "I am not afraid... I'm prepared!" There is only one candidate who can say that... Sen. John McCain.




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