Debt Crisis: Rules Committee Meets on Tweaked Boehner Plan... Then on to House Floor





July 29, 2011

12:27 pm, Central

Updated: 5:30 pm, Central

Diane W. Collins



House Rules Committee Chair, David Dreier (R-CA)

Emergency Meeting

An emergency meeting of the House Rules Committee was called this morning after the Republican leadership negotiated "tweaks" to the Boehner plan and obtained the necessary votes to pass the bill. The "tweaks" include an amendment that concerns the "second step" of the bill's two step process in which a bipartisan, bicameral committee identifies spending cuts equal to the amount of the requested increase in the debt ceiling. The amendment requires that the second dispersal of funds not be released until matching spending cuts and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution passes Congress and is sent to the states.


Thursday night the House Rules Committee met at 11:00 pm, EDT to pass H.Res. 382 Waiving clause 6(a) of Rule XIII (requiring a two-thirds vote to consider a rule on the same day it is reported from the Rules Committee) This gives Speaker Boehner the greatest amount of flexibility in producing a legislative solution over the next few days.


Today the Rules Committee passed an amendment as described above to

S. 627 — Faster FOIA Act of 2011 (Budget Control Act of 2011) 8 to 4.


Both will come to the floor for a vote before moving on to a vote on the "tweaked" Boehner bill. The Republican's keep their seat at the table.


UPDATES: As the bill proceeds...




The House reconvened at 2 pm, ET and the work of the House Rules Committee was brought to the floor by Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX). Debate ensued and votes were taken allowing the amended Boehner bill to come to floor. Currently, Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), Chairman of the House Rules Committee is directing a rule debate on the House floor concerning the revised Boehner bill. The final vote on Boehner's bill is expected around 6 pm, ET.... more later


6:30 pm, ET - The House has passed Speaker Boehner's revised debt plan 218 to 210. It goes to the Senate where Reid has said he will table the bill. Let him explain that to the American people. Republicans still have a voice. We'll publish the House roll call vote on S.627 when available. Here's the roll call vote.



Republicans voting Yes: 218

Republicans voting No: 22

Republicans not voting: 0


Democrats voting Yes: 0

Democrats voting No: 188

Democrats not voting: 5







Senate Updates next...


7:27 pm, ET - Senate voting on motion to instruct the Sergeant at Arms to request all senators come to the floor. Majority Leader Reid will address shortly. Reid has put a motion to table S.627 to a vote. McConnell asked Reid if he intends to move directly to the Reid proposal after the vote. Reid said, "yes." McConnell wants a vote in Senate tonight on Reid proposal and told the Senate the House is ready to vote on that proposal Saturday, 1:00 pm, ET. Reid is ticked. He knows both plans are out. Back to the drawing table.


8:07 pm, ET - Senate votes to table S.627, Boehner's debt plan 59 to 41. The Senate is moving on the the Reid proposal. McConnell wants vote on Reid proposal tonight and says House is ready to vote on Reid proposal at 1 pm, ET (requires two-thirds vote). Reid's ticked. Knows it requires two-thirds majority and filed amendments for simple majority vote on his proposal. Reid said the Democrats will filibuster any attempt to bring his proposal to the floor before amendment process.


Senate ajourned until 1 pm, ET, Saturday






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