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Posted: 9/5/08


CNN Investigates Sarah Palin

September 5, 2008
by Diane W. Collins


Tonight on CNN, Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate will have her record "investigated."


Hopefully, we'll see an open and honest presentation of the facts America deserves. It appears that CNN is holding to "what's fair game." They plan to review "troopergate" as well as Palin's record as Governor of Alaska, leaving other family matters to the privacy they deserve.


CNN primed the pump for tonight's report with a daytime TV airing of an exclusive interview with Mike Wooten, Gov. Palin's ex-brother-in-law. Wooten is the center of the "troopergate" controversy. During the CNN interview, Wooten seemed subdued and stated he held no ill will toward Gov. Palin. He admitted that he had made mistakes, had learned lessons and just wanted to be the best father and state trooper he could be.


Wooten, however, admitted he had tasered his step-son, (Palin's nephew) but denied charges he had threatened to kill Gov. Palin's father. Wooten has been married and divorced 4 times and is embroiled in a bitter custody battle with Gov. Palin's sister


What makes this any of America's business is that Gov. Palin is currently under investigation in Alaska for potential "abuse of power." It is alleged she attempt to have her ex-brother-in-law fired from his job as a state trooper. But, Wooten wasn't fired. His boss was. Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan alleges he was pressured by Palin's deputies, as well as Todd Palin and Gov. Palin to fire Wooten. According to Monegan when he wouldn't fire Wooten, Palin fired him. Gov. Palin states Monegan was fired for other reasons including differences over budget and policy.


The investigation is on-going. There are human emotions involved over situations in which the common man may not have done anything differently. But, Gov. Palin is not being asked to be the common man. She is being asked to be the uncommon leader. It is important that we get to the bottom of this and clear the air. Hopefully, CNN will step up, not to ratings... but to the truth.


CNN will also look at Gov. Palin's stated record of accomplishments. Their coverage and presentation of the Governor's record will give us a clue into how balanced CNN really is. Sometimes, out of a deep sense of loyalty people around us make mistakes on our behalf. It involves us, brings our ability to lead into question. And sometimes, when it comes to our families we're just human.


Sarah... Sarah... Sarah!!!

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