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Posted: 9/5/08 & 9/8/08


CNN Campbell Brown "Talks" Palin

September 5, 2008
by Diane W. Collins


Okay. I am having a hard time even making it through this ridiculous knit picking. Do we really have to endure Campbell Brown? CNN do you not recognize that this woman cannot see the forest for the trees? More... oh a lot more, when I compose myself. 7:30 pm, CST.


September 8, 2008
by Diane W. Collins


Needed a little time before addressing this issue. CNN coverage of the candidates as a whole has not been outrageously slanted... that would defeat their purpose. Though the tendency seems to be to the Left, despite the claims of "balanced" coverage. Campbell Brown, in my opinion works against her own station's agenda by being so incredibly obvious in her bias. The American people aren't stupid.


In Ms. Brown's two hour special covering Gov. Palin, Brown's innuendo was followed by cut-to-commercial, which was followed by weather, in turn followed by yet a different topic, then finally back to the innuendo... which proved unfounded. And they think this is journalism?


Ms. Brown tried but failed to create controversy. She centered her remarks around Gov. Palin's listing the corporate jet (purchased by the previous Gov. of Alaska) on Ebay. The record proves Gov. Palin did place the jet on Ebay for sale. The jet did not sell on Ebay and eventually the Gov. hired a broker and sold the jet, albeit for a loss. All Gov. Palin said way she "put it on Ebay." Yet Brown, in statements leading to the big "reveal" intimated wrong doing.


If there was any "wrong doing," which of course I think is ridiculous knit-picking, it could only be attributed to Sen. McCain, who in a moment of excitement on the campaign trail told a crowd that Gov. Palin "sold the jet on Ebay... for a profit." Even Ms. Brown's panel of experts appeared to agree that "this was within the margin of acceptable error," with regard to remarks. Thank heaven for Bay Buchanan, who refuses to put up with Ms. Brown's attempts to distort the facts.


Come on! The Governor sold the jet, drives herself to work, let the chef go, has a record of executive experience including fighting the "good old boys," reforming taxation, building a pipeline which will help solve this country's energy crisis... yeah, I know. As far as Brown goes the facts just fall on deaf ears.


As for CNN's coverage on "The Candidates Revealed" their depiction of the lives of Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama was truly excellent. Kudos to CNN. Of course, Brown had nothing to do with this.





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