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Posted: 9/12/08


Bolivia, Venezuela Break Diplomatic Ties with USA, ...While We Discuss "Air."

September 12, 20008
by Diane W. Collins


It's been a week of scuffling between Bolivia, Venezuela and the USA. All have expelled each others Ambassadors, formally breaking diplomatic relations. Yet, we discuss "air."

We talk about "lipstick-on-a-pig" and political ads that could have been composed by kindergartners. We watch a commentator who can't properly define his question take high-handed pot shots at Gov. Sarah Palin, a true public servant. And we listen to our Republican Party presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain in kindness and humility defend his record on "The View." What in the world have we come to?


We need to get serious. We need a face-to-face debate on the issues between McCain and Obama in a town hall setting. I appreciate the 9/11 Forum, but it wasn't a debate... and it wasn't the place or time for one either. We need to focus. The American people deserve to understand where the candidates stand on the issues.


Listen, America. We could be tested as early as November when our enemies (Russia and Venezuela) begin naval exercises in the Caribbean. We need a President who can hit the ground running.



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