Stupak Flips Vote over Executive Order... Was it Worth It?


March 21, 2010,3:23 pm , CST

Diane W. Collins



Stupak flips voteStupack changes his vote to "Yes" based on promise of President's Executive Order to be signed after the House vote. Reportedly, the order would direct no Federal funding shall be provided for abortion. The question has been over underlying private health insurance policies women would be required to buy as supplements to provide for abortion.

Abortion and Executive Order
Executive Order Meaningless?

The Executive Order is said to remove any doubt, federal funds cannot be used.


However, one must remember the extent to which an Executive Order survives. Questions as to the substance of the bill to which the Order applies and its purpose as well as the term of the President put the Executive Order's enforcement and length of enforcement in question. Now, it is up to the vote on the floor of the House. Is Stupak truly the deciding vote? Did he flip for nothing? We continue to fight. Stand up America. Flimsy technicalities, technical dishonesty... Eric Cantor is right. Malfeasance!











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