Senate Moves Forward on Tax Cut Extension Package: Next... "The Continuing Resolution."

December 13, 2010

by Diane W. Collins


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

Tax Extensions & Continuing Resolution

The Senate moved forward today on the Tax Cut Extension Package or more formally, the Reid-McConnell Amendment 4753 to HR 4853. The cloture vote is very strong with the current vote 79-11. (Senators are being given extra time to record their votes due to extreme travel conditions and difficulty in returning to Washington, DC.) Sixty votes are all that are required.


Prior to the vote Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) voiced his displeasure with the "ornaments" attached to the tax cuts extension saying the legislation did not reflect the November 2nd vote of the American people. McCain went on to say Americans had asked Congress to cut taxes and stop the spending. This legislation cuts taxes but increases spending and adds "earmarks" like the ethanol subsidy... a "green" subsidy which has been proven useless. A waste of taxpayers dollars.


However, most importantly Sen. McCain warns the Senate to be careful with an upcoming matter, the continuing resolution passed in the House last week. He stated this would become an omnibus spending bill laden with pork projects. We have been voicing the same concern. The continuing resolution passed last week in the House extends the funding of the Federal government through fiscal 2011... without a passed budget. In its current form it provides approximately $45B less than President Obama requested and holds spending at the 2010 levels. Also, it provides more money to purchase additional scanners for the TSA and includes a "corrected" Food Safety Bill. There is so much that is wrong with this. Most urgent? Rep. Paul Ryan's ability in the 112th Congress to limit spending and create responsible appropriations in response to President Obama's FY 2011 budget will be circumvented!


During the lame duck session Republicans need to pass a forty-five day "continuing resolution" that will fund the government until Congress returns as the 112th in January. The Democrats want to tie the Republicans' hands in the future by strapping them with the "continuing resolution" the House passed last week... a bill that sets spending levels now... so Democrats can continue to spend, spend, spend. This is the next big battle of the lame duck session.



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