Senate Debates Reconciliation Act of 2010...

Published March 23, 2010, 1:15 pm, CST

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by Diane W. Collins


(R-KY) Sen. Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader

Senate Debates Reconciliation

The Senate takes up debate regarding the Reconciliation Act of 2010, the second piece of Health Care Reform legislation passed by the House on Sunday, March 21st. This is known as the "bill-of-fixes."


Earlier, President Obama signed the Senate Health Care Reform Bill (Christmas Eve bill) into law. The Democrats have now passed and the President has signed into effect the Health Care Reform agenda they have sought to implement for decades. As we reported earlier, it is a platform from which they will launch by their own admission changes to our system of government that many believe will change the very nature of the Republic.


The importance of the Senate debate on the Reconciliation Act and the resulting Senate vote is perhaps the visibility it will give to what is actually in the bill and the incredible cost to the nation. It may open minds to the need for repeal. Unfortunately, it does little more. The Senate Health Care Reform Bill is already law. It was never really that important to the Democratic Leadership that reconciliation be passed. It was cover.


Immigration Reform Rally
Democrats push for Immigration Reform

We now should turn our attention to the sense of euphoria the Democrats are displaying and the renewed energy they seem to feel with regard to other agenda items of the far left. They have ignored the will of the people. Their mandate? Look at the vote. It barely passed. Between now and November the Democrats intend to push forward Financial Services Reform, they are resurrecting Cap-and-Trade legislation, and they will make promises about Immigration Reform. It's all about forcing as much down our throats as possible before November. Ideology is the driving force... they will not listen.


The question is not whether these issues warrant reform. We all recognize the need to to stop financial predators, end foreign oil dependence, and to ensure that the life blood of this country continues to be those who choose freedom... our immigrants. The question is how we will do it. In accord with the philosophy of our founding fathers or through a social democratic agenda that even they admit is socialism.


Stand up America! What the Democrats will leave us after the November elections is a clean-up-job beyond measure. We will be caught in the enormity of their wake. They will not overwhelm us. We will Rebuild the American Dream!










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