Reid-McConnell Amendment: Senate Moves Tax Cut Deal Forward

Thursday, December 9,2010

by Diane W. Collins


Reid introduces
Reid-McConnell Amendment 4753 to Senate


Tonight the Senate began the process of passing the "Tax Cut Deal" President Obama made with the Republican leaders this week. The method through which a revenue bill may be introduced requires it start in the House. Today, all but one representative in the Democrat Caucus signed a letter of intent stating they would not bring the Tax Cut Deal to the floor of the House. Many, including this author, feared Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats had hijacked the lame duck session. Reid and McConnell may have provided the way out.


The Reid-McConnell Amendment 4753 has been attached to HR 4853, The Middle Income Tax Cuts bill passed by the House last week but tabled in the Senate Saturday morning. It appears the Senate has resurrected it and attached the Reid-McConnell Amendment 4753 (along with additional amendments and secondary amendments to instructions 4754,4756, 4757). This is how the sausage making takes place.


After introducing the amendment, Reid went on to call for a cloture vote on this package set for Monday, December 13th at 3 pm, EST. The House is not scheduled to be in session again until December 13th, 10 am, EST. It is presumed they will be digesting all of the above.


Prior to submitting the Reid McConnell Amendment, the Senate voted on a measure that would table (kill) any pending amendments to the measure. Sen. DeMint voted against this. DeMint came out against the Tax Cut Deal earlier in the week stating the additional spending included in the measure would add to the deficit.


If HR 4853 as amended by S4753 passes the Senate on Monday, it will be sent to the House for a vote. This is going to be interesting. Get a ring side seat for this one, if you can.


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