Political Agendas: Ideas, Strategy, Results 2010?

Published March 30, 2010, 8:45 am, CST

by Diane W. Collins



Over the past few days commentators, pundits and radio talk-show hosts have all given their opinions on the Democrats agenda moving forward. It appears that who they are and their comfort level with the subject matter influences what they think is next. So we want to be sure people understand how we come up with our theories.


First of all, reforming our financial services industry is next. The Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 was passed out of the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee with a split directly down party line 13 to 10. The bill now goes to the Senate floor. It's "teed up," guys. We have been reporting on this since March 26, 2009 in our article Geithner Wants Congress to Give the Treasury More Power: The Point Everyone is Missing... In fact, the article has headed our Finance section since that time. That is the level of importance we attach to this expansion of the Executive branch.


Secondly, not only have we pointed to the expansion of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's authority taking power away from the Federal Reserve and "extending his jurisdiction to the regulation of non-bank financial companies whose collapse could jeopardize the economy," but we have also called for closer examination of the Consumer Protection Agency being established.


Having said that we must also concur that there are other issues in the

President Begins Health Care Reform PR Campaign

How Many Promises Broken So Far?

pipeline. As the 2010 elections loom before us we must as we have said in the past keep the irregularities of the Health Care Reform legislation in front of the American people. The incredible work of our states Attorney Generals in attempting to repeal the legislation citing "mandates" under the Commerce Clause is exceptional. Virginia's push as well as those who have joined with Florida are to be commended and assisted. Keep it in the news. Push the ignored ideas of Republicans that would have eliminated these problems had Democrats listened. Also, excellent reporting on the write downs of ATT ($1B), John Deer ($150M), Caterpillar ($100M), 3M ($90M), and AK Steel ($31M) has been given. This is huge. The very idea that Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee thinks he has the authority to call the CEOs of these companies to Washington to "explain" is absolutely frightening in its implications. This isn't communism. This is totalitarian!


Further, one commentator for whom I have a great deal of respect asked why these CEOs had not spoken up earlier. Remember Speaker Pelosi saying, "We have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it?" Companies couldn't file legally required statements informing their stockholders of actions that would potentially reduce the value of their stock until the Health Care Reform bills were passed and signed. In addition, prior to passing the legislation companies could not analyze with authority the results of Health Care Reform legislation and give their professional opinions based on what might be in the bill. Why? Because it would have the potential of adversely effecting their company stock... That's not their job. In fact, they could be legally liable. We, however, now have the chance to keep the truth in front of Americans with regard to the economic costs of Health Care Reform legislation. Confront with clarity the recorded remarks (isn't video great), and the broken promises of this administration. Okay, so that's the rear view mirror strategy.


Immigration ReformNext, we must look to the issues that will help the Democrats mitigate any losses in the 2010 elections. We're all aware that they intend to push forward as much legislation as possible after Spring break. Financial Reform will be steam rolled through Congress. Immigration is complex, but this Trojan horse will follow. Promises will be made. The President's administration will judge from the response if that is all they need to give. Democrats have to replace the Independent and Conservative Democratic votes they lost over Health Care. What Conservatives must do is communicate to our lifeblood, our immigrants that "A Democratic hand out, is a step back." That should be our slogan. It is a step back into a totalitarian style regime where they will be told how much they can make and what they will buy. Where what they have worked for can be taken from them by the stroke of a president's pen... it is a retreat back to what they have paid dearly to escape. Our immigrants came to America to escape the despotic rule of totalitarianism. Was it only to see the beginnings of that same type of power established in America?


Marco Rubio is correct. We must fix our borders first. General amnesty should not be offered. A program that fairly assimilates illegals and addresses the problem of "overstayed visas" must be hammered out. IMPORTANT: But, those who seek amnesty must understand how this alternative program will protect their path to citizenship. General amnesty corrects nothing and simply places illegals in the same vulnerable position our legal immigrants are in today... another flood of more illegals crossing our borders, taking the jobs legals seek, undercutting the wages legals need to feed their families and build their dreams. That will be the unwanted result of general amnesty. We must develop a plan now. We must explain the benefit now and it must be our legal immigrants and their descendants spreading the word. Trust is the issue.


Concerning the current administration, unwanted and poorly calculated results seem to be their forte and foray. Hopefully, we will not put academicians in charge of the real world again. Unfortunately, I thought we in corporate America had learned about employing inexperience with the debacle caused by newly graduated MBAs. Instead, we send the inexperienced to Washington where they ruin our country. Enough! We know where the Democrats are going because we know what they need. Republicans, Conservatives and Independents must work together to circumvent the Left. We have their ideas... We have their strategy... Now countermand their results! Be preemptive. Take back the House. Take back the Senate.