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President Obama's Health Care Reform Proposal: Onion Skin Covering Current Senate Bill

Published March 3, 2010, 1:06 pm, CST

by Diane W. Collins


President Obama presented his Obama-Health-Care-3-3-10Health Care Reform Proposal which appears to be nothing more than an "onion skin" over the current Senate Bill. Incorporating some of the Republican party ideas offered at the Health Care Summit meeting the President refuses to start over.


The public as well as the Republican party has called for the bill to be scraped. The President and the Democrats know this does not serve their party's purpose. The question is in this monolithic bill which will now go to reconciliation what will be hidden and passed without public approval... similar to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


We will offer much more on this including video to support our remarks. Stay tuned.


Addition: March 3, 2010, 2:00 pm, CST


The President pointed to the fact that we all agree heath care needs to be reformed but according to the President the way forward is where the disagreement lies. He cited three groups: one that wants to scrap the current health care system implementing one that is government controlled (the Left); another that wants to "loosen regulation" on insurance companies insisting this would lower costs (the Right); and the President's solution "to give the American people control." This is such an incredibly visible use of political maneuvering it is almost laughable. This should be embarrassing for all of us. After all, this is an American president who obviously feels the American people are either not watching, blind or just plain stupid.


President Obama went on to state three main reasons why his proposal would give the American people more control over their health care.


1. "Like it / Keep it: If you like your plan you can keep it. Under this provision the President says the worst practices would be ended. These include pre-existing conditions, the fear of being dropped when sick, unlimited out-of-pocket expenses, and unlimited premium increases.


2. Insurance Exchange: The uninsured including individuals and small businesses would have the opportunity to join the same program federal employees and members of Congress enjoy. If the uninsured can't afford to join they would be given "vouchers" or "tax credits"


3. Lowers Costs: The proposal mirrors most of the provisions in the current Senate bill. President cited the CBO review as proof costs are lowered for the individual, government, and small business.


All of these points have been refuted ad infinitum... ad nauseam by the Republican party and conservative pundits with exceptional clarity. There is nothing new in the President's proposal but the rhetoric and quite frankly, not even that is all that new. One can only surmise the President and the Democrats feel they can ram this through even though the American people resoundingly reject this bill. It will change health care into a government run industry. One-sixth of the American economy will be usurped. More later.











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