Obama Delivers State of the Union 2010: Can He Re-energize the Country?

Publication Date: Jan 27, 2009

by Diane W. Collins


President Obama is scheduled to deliver his State of the Union address to the American people tonight on national television at 8pm CST. His tone and perspective will be Barack Obamawhat everyone will be listening for and watching. Have the events of the past several weeks provided the President a much needed wake up call to the peoples' will? Or blinded by past popularity, will Obama continue with the far-left ideology he and his ivory tower advisors espouse?


It is very hard for this President to sincerely admit being wrong, but that's what the American people need to hear. They need to hear President Obama say that healthcare should not have been made a priority in the face of staggering job losses and an economy in crisis. Rumblings from White House advisors indicate the President feels he, "Just has to explain it a little more clearly." This would be an insult and a disaster. Americans would conclude the President has no intent of changing his course or bending his will to theirs.


Obama must understand he has broken trust. (Need we mention lack of transparency, earmarks, billions wasted on a recovery that produced precious little, backroom deals on healthcare and the now visible agenda once hidden by Obama's "centrist" campaign rhetoric... the far left agenda America rejects?) This is not a shell game. People are hurting.


No. President Obama can not fall short of taking responsibility and delivering an apologetic...


"I made mistakes. I broke trust. Healthcare was not the way to go. The timing and the nature of the policy were not what the people wanted. Today is a new day... America has spoken. Jobs and the economy must be the priority."


Anything less will be looked upon as empty rhetoric and excuses instead of an attempt to touch the country's heart. But the real question is can a man of his personality bring himself to do this? Is he secure enough to embody the philosophy, "the buck stops here?" If he is, winning back America's heart will only give him the opportunity to correct his mistakes. He must deliver or face the legacy of a one term president.


As others pontificate on what issues or plans the President will present, I offer this thought. Sometimes "what you do speaks so loud, the world can't hear what you say." First, Obama must be contrite and honestly attempt to reestablish trust. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter what he says.


More tonight, after the State of the Union address.











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