Lame Duck Session Two: Obama Discusses Agenda

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


President Obama met with the leadership of both the Democrat and Republican parties today at the White House to discuss the agenda for the 111th Congress lame duck session. The meeting was originally scheduled for November 18th, however, Republican leadership Obama discusses lame duck session two agenda 11-30asked that the meeting be postponed due to "scheduling conflicts." It was rescheduled for today.


According to President Obama, five major issues were discussed. First, tax cuts for "working Americans." In this category the President referred to the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts. He emphasized the difference of opinion between the Democrats who favor cuts for the middle class only, and the Republicans who favor permanently extending the tax cuts for all Americans. President Obama stated his party's position saying the extension of the cuts to the "wealthiest Americans" would add $700B to the debt over 10 years. Realizing common ground must be met, the President asked his Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner and OMB Chief, Jack Lew to meet with the parties leadership to "break the log jam." Additional reporting has stated this meeting could occur as early as this afternoon. Other tax legislation discussed were those also set to expire at the end of the year. These include the tax credit for college tuition; the tax cuts Obama initiated at the beginning of his presidency for "95% of working families;" and the tax cuts for businesses hiring unemployed workers... more


The remaining four issues covered during the White House meeting today included the START treaty with Russia; the Bi-partisan Deficit Reduction Commission; "keeping the Federal government running this year," which refers to passing a "continuing resolution" in the absence of a fiscal 2011 budget; and the extension of unemployment insurance benefits.


No progress is apparent from this November 30th meeting.



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