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House Rules Committee Determines Bill Contents and Process

Published March 20, 2010, 10:51 pm, CST

by Diane W. Collins


UPDATE: March 20, 2010, 2:53 pm, CST


Medicare Tax on Unearned Income...


The Rules Committee continues discussion turning to the proposed Medicare tax on unearned income for individuals making $200,000 and up or married couples making $250,000 or more. This tax would be assessed on investment income including but not limited to annuities, dividends, interest earned, rents, royalties, passive business income, and revenues received from the sale of a residence.


Republicans make the point that this is a tax collected through the Medicare system the proceeds of which are immediately

Rep. Dave Camp

New Taxes & Medicare Cuts?

Rep. Camp lists them all! Video

diverted into a new entitlement program created by this health care reform legislation. Republicans draw attention and compare this to what happened with Social Security. The "lock box" was robbed. As Democrats began to speak about this potential "pay for" it reminded me of our article of Feb. 2nd entitled, Obama's 2011 Budget: Go Arounds to Circumvent Failed Legislative Initiatives and 2010 Elections, Part One in which I warned:


...And yes, we need additional legislation to address private sector health care reform in areas of pre-existing conditions and healthcare industry abuses. But, what we don't need is a government take over. That's Big Government establishing more control over the electorate and developing yet another source of revenue. And with Big Government as broke as it is, one has to wonder if the payments into a "government option" would be plundered... like Social Security.


We really do need to start over and address this situation issue by issue...more


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UPDATE: March 20, 2010, 12:49 pm, CST


Amendments Add to Deficit... CBO Score Would Change


Rep. Paul Ryan's Letter from the CBO answering his questions regarding the effects of amendments to The Reconciliation Act of 2010 was submitted to the Congressional Record yesterday detailing those effects. It has been referenced in the House Rules Committee today. (CBO Letter to Rep. Ryan PDF)

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Rules Committee Determines Bill Content and Process


The House Rules Committee began its meeting this morning to discuss amendments and procedures for The Reconciliation Act of 2010 with Chairwoman Louise Slaughter opening. Remarks of committee members and invited congressmen were heard the highlight of which was the very cogent review of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).


Following Rep. Ryan's remarks, Chairwoman Slaughter asked what the Representative would suggest as a substitute for the Democrats bill. This appears to have been an attempt to trap Rep. Ryan into saying he would eliminate Medicare as Chairman Slaughter fought to restrict his remarks. Ryan was not deterred. This has been the Democratic "talking-point" with regard to the Medicare revision bill submitted by Rep. Ryan which was one of the many ideas put forth by Republicans and rejected by Democrats.


A very contentious debate followed with members clearly showing the need for an actual debate on the House floor. Democrats are attempting to avoid floor debate. In addition, Democrats are discussing the use of the Slaughter Solution, a procedural move which allows the House to "deem" as passed the underlying Senate Health Care Reform bill rather than voting separately on each using the normal procedure which calls for an up-or-down vote. The convoluted means Democrats are employing to discredit Republican ideas and pass their health care reform measure despite logic, despite the American people, still astounds.




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