House Passes Bush Tax Cuts Extension for Middle Class Only... Now What?

December 2, 2010


House Passes Middle Class Tax Cuts Only


Speaker Nancy Pelosi hijacked the Bush Tax Cuts today passing HR 4853 which calls for the "permanent" extension of the cuts for the middle class only. This means individuals earning $200,000 or less and families earning $250,000 or less will not see their taxes increase due to the expiration of the 2001, 2003 Bush Tax Cuts... But, will HR 4853 even be allowed to reach the floor of the Senate?


Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) said he had a letter from forty-two Senators who stated they won't take up a bill unless it addresses tax cuts for all Americans. He went on to present for the record other requests by citizens and organizations echoing the sentiment that tax cuts should be for everyone. Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer (D-MD) seemed to think Rep. Camp did not understand the manner in which legislation regarding revenue is introduced. It must originate in the House and proceed when passed to the Senate. Perhaps, it is Rep. Hoyer who will learn the lesson. Rep. Camp chose to answer Rep. Hoyer by stating he'd rather see legislation that addressed the needs of all Americans and did not elaborate further.


Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi also tried to make it appear that the legislation would get to the floor of the Senate regardless of the forty-two senators and said it would be the foundation upon which consensus regarding the Bush Tax Cuts would be built. According to Pelosi, HR 4830 was a way in which "they could ensure" the middle class received the extension. Really... do they think we're that ignorant?


What was done today through the letter of the forty-two senators and Rep. Camp's remarks was to warn the Democrats that if they pulled this "stunt" in an attempt to embarrass the Republicans, the Bush Tax Cuts extension could be pushed to the 112th Congress. Republicans understand they can simply wait until January, pass the extension for everyone, and make it retro-active. This does not come without complications, however, resulting in changes to tax codes being imposed upon businesses and individuals twice... What a mess.


All this could turn out to be posturing on both sides as Republicans and Democrats maneuver behind closed doors to obtain what each considers to be the "will of the American people" resulting in a tax cut compromise that covers everyone. The lame duck clock continues to tick. The American people continue to watch.


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