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Health Care Reform: The Reality of Reconciliation ... Now Add "Doc Fix"

Published March 19, 2010, 12.14 pm, CST

by Diane W. Collins


UPDATE: 3-20-10, 7:09 am, CST


Rep. Eric Cantor, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Rep. Dave Camp held a press conference on Friday stating the Democrats are "hiding the true cost" of The Reconciliation Act of 2010.


Rep. Ryan told reporters the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) can only score what is put in front of them and legislation can be manipulated to produce a certain desired score. He maintains this is what happened in the CBO scoring of The Reconciliation Act of 2010. Rep. Ryan was quick to add this is not the fault of the CBO stating they scored what was given to them, however, Ryan called it Democratic "trickery." Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi stated Democrats intended to add the "Doc Fix" legislation. How and when that will happen is the question. Eric Cantor stated, "This notion that we're going to see the text in the morning that incorporates even more changes when we make amendments in the Rules Committee reflects the fact the they're (Democrats) having to cut more deals. " It also means the Democrats promise of 72 hours to view the bill technically is not true. That is what the American people are dealing with... technical dishonesty.


The Rules Committee meets today at 10:00 am, EST. The House begins its Saturday morning session at 9:00 am, EST.


Rep. Dave Camp   Rep. Eric Cantor    

Rep. Dave Camp

video: 3-19-10


Rep. Eric Cantor

video: 3-19-10




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