CPAC 2010: Day Two

Two-Minute Activist: Saving Freedom Across the Nation


Publication Date: Feb. 19, 2010, CST

by Diane W. Collins


3:45 pm
Marriott Ballroom
Moderator: Millie Hallow, American Conservative Union Foundation

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Janie Able: Canisius College (Young American's Foundation) Started in high school and found resistance from school administration. Didn't back down. Contacted Young American's Foundation and they "intimidated the hell out of my pricipal" (this is great -- Diane) Keep fighting and take advantage of the help from organizations around you and you'll be successful.


Lance Christopher: DC Young Americans for Freedom - DC Back Tax. We went on campuses to campaign against this.


Chadwick Ciocci, Fordham University - collegiate activism, financial resources for efforts, speakers, etc. Three principles for budgetary force - all from your liberal college. 1. Don't assume roadblocks are liberal. Master the bureaucracy. 2. Network with other groups to co-sponsor events. 3. Don't accept system as it is. Get students elected to your school's budget committee.


Alyssa Cordova, Clare Boothe Luce policy institute - undercover work, petition presented two ways. First rejected in plan language. Then used the language of "income redistribution". Saw the difference in acceptance of petition.


Evan Gassman, Catholic University - "911 Never Forget Project," School didn't like it. Fought system (even Young Republicans didn't like it) Go to and organize it on your campus.


Brian Hackett, College of New Jersey - youngest elected official in New Jersey. Winner of the CPAC Essay Award. Need for young people 18-25 to get out there run for office party committee and work in the institutions. "Freedom is one generation away from extinction." -- Ronald Reagan


Jessie - blogger at Athens in OH looked into budget issues.(You can read more here.


Danny Laub, St. Louis University, changing opinion of conservatives on campus, bring speakers, administration obstructs why are liberal speakers invited but David Horowitz is resisted by administration. Just do it. Start and event or start a rally for Young America's Foundation.


Jordan Marks, Ex. Dir. of Young American's for Freedom in New York, 911 trials in New York not okay. Petitions to let Obama know signed by retired fire fighters, police offices, 911 Never Forget Coalition and we said "NO" not in this city... send them back to GTMO. We succeeded. We are victory.


Alexander McCobin, Co-founder of Students for Liberty, gay pride was invited. Freedom for all.


Katie Poedtke, Fordham University, 8x10 foot wall to those who died under communist regimes. Helped by Young America's Foundation. Regan's words were played through stereo we set up in bushes. Michael Steele, Rep party spoke. Created awareness on campus of those who have died under communist regimes.


Samuel Settle, Penn State University - climate gate scandal, called for a real investigation of climate change after Penn supported invalid science.


Wes Siler, University of Virginia, liberal professors... what do you do? Start your own class on conservatism. Contact professors. We found 11 conservative professors who agreed to teach in our class. They were waiting for us. Take your education into your own hands. Work with YAF and other conservative organizations.


Ryan Sorba, CA Young Americans Foundation - protest CPAC bringing gay pride to meeting.


Nan Swift, coordinator for Freedom Works, Taxpayer march Sept 12th helped organize.


Joe Weaver, Liberty on the Rocks, anti-DNC activities, 2008 started conservative social club hangs out at bar. Have fun coordinate the activists. Free markets, individual rights and less government. 20 chapters in 12 states today.


Justin York, University of Central Florida, in 2000 campaigned for Al Gore and now with us. I have seen the light. Conservative high school friend converted him. Important to bring people into cause via one-on-one basis. Work hard, play hard but we always win together.


Greg Mangum, Young conservatives must fight. Run for office


Special Guest: New Gov. of Virginia, (R) Bob McDonnell - encouraged young conservative activists.


CPAC- Day Two - Rep. Ron Paul (TX)


Marriott Ballroom

Introduction: Kevin and Danielle O’Dell
Rep. Ron Paul (TX) 14th Dist., Victoria, Freeport.
Comments (paraphrased, any mistakes are mine - Diane W. Collins)


CPAC, Tea Party, recent victories in elections ... I think by end of this year this country will be a lot better off. What kind of change do we really want? Conservative means to conserve our Constitution. (Relates history of conservative movement from Nixon forward)... but we didn't get the revolution. Big government set in. It's the conservative position not even to belong to the United Nations. 1913 gave us income tax, 16th amendment, and the IRS. Position on monetary is to end the Fed(eral Reserve). I don't think it's possible for America to make the world safe as the policeman of the world. Strong national defense, yes. But don't go to war so carelessly. Full declaration of war and no other way. Unconstitutional wars cost money, undermine our constitution. Personal liberty is the purpose of government. For those who disagree... bottom line, "How are we going to pay for it?" Debt is the monster, debt is what is going to eat us up. We are on brink of cataclysmic event. There will be the rejection of the dollar. That will be big event. "Print more money" won't last. Inflation. Woodrow Wilson arrested people for dissent against war. People have the right to dissent. Conservatism is protecting the constitution, limiting government. Government should be restrained. Study how much we should be engaged around the world. Neo-conservative viewpoint says we are responsible for the world. Think seriously about what Conservatism really means. During Woodrow Wilson, we took freedom and chopped it into pieces. There is only one type of freedom. You can't protect economic liberty but not personal liberty. Liberty can't be protected in pieces. Other things -- we have now endorsed the principle of preventative wars, wars because someone might do something to us. We have accepted the principle of assassination of American citizens... there are only three on the list and they probably deserve to be on the list, but it's the principle. Get the values back into this country! For those who disagree, study it, think about it. Look at what I've said. The crash happened. Freedom doesn't challenge people's personal values. Come together to discuss. Non-violent change. Thank you! Work together. If we are a bit more tolerant we can achieve it.










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