CPAC 2010: Day Three

Hon. John Bolton - Current State of Play in America's Foreign Policy


Publication Date: Feb. 20, 2010, CST

by Diane W. Collins



Marriott Ballroom

Jan 20, 2009 Barack Obama was not qualified to be the President of the United States. Today, 13 months later, Barack Obama is still not qualified. Obama's basis for foreign policy... he doesn't care that much. He is into domestic policy. The President doesn't see the rest of world as dangerous or threatening to the US. He sees decline as a natural phenomenon. Ties directly into, not isolationism but multilateralism, like Woodrow Wilson. (compares quotes of the two men... makes very good point!) Obama is the "first, Post-American president"... the president doesn't believe in American exceptionalism. (great play on Obama's statement of belief in a number of countries "exceptionalism. Definitely not de Tocqueville definition.)Regan was all about America. Obama is, "We are above that now..." He wants to bring a world view into common play.


Obama thinks our international problems can be handled by "sweet reason and not by power." Obama mistakes: Iran - over past 13 months continued failed Bush administration policy to negotiate Iran out of it's nuclear ambitions. Iran is well on way to nuclear weapons, sanctions proposed won't be accepted by UN, yet, President says possibility of negotiations still exists. Iran sees a clear path. President of France said, "Why is Obama so weak"... you know we're in trouble. Regarding Afghanistan and Pakistan involvement - Obama policy is right but he couples it with promise to begin withdrawals of troops. Signals terrorists if you wait long enough we'll leave. Real question is will President allow our troops to win the war? Signals of weakness are what Obama sends. Concerning the Middle East peace process, 13 months of Obama have left US in weaker position and Israel in worse position. Problem is Obama as a president of the US made effort and world sees it as America couldn't succeed. "Negotiation is not a policy it is a technique." The president has three years left. Worse ahead.


President will announce an new arms control agreement with Russia which will reduce our deployment and nuclear umbrella. Our allies will be distressed. This treaty Obama is negotiating needs to be defeated in the Senate. Worse. Reports President in this treaty will limit our ability to construct national defenses. One word limiting our strategic defense proves the need to defeat this. Arms control, prevention of arms race in outer space, non-proliferation treaty, dealing with conventional weapons (which has to do with prohibition on private ownership of firearms)... I'm telling you, American's security rests on a strong nuclear arms umbrella.


Second, Obama's continued support of "global governance" means reductions in American sovereignty and needs to be resisted. We the people are sovereign. But they think we should share that with international organizations. Herman van Rompuy, president of Europe 2009 is first year of global governance, G-20, global warming conference in Copenhagen. Obama sounds like a European. Status agenda we have to reject. President will sign the treaty International Criminal Court. Bush adminisration took our (US) signature off that treaty. It was a direct threat to American sovereignty... if Obama signs this treaty, Senate must defeat it. President made clear more of American foreign policy should be run through United Nations. He'll sign on to United Nations conventions on Rights of Child, Women, etc. (all threats against our own sovereignty) As Americans, we are capable of passing our own laws on these subjects. These are matters for democratically elected government like ours to decide on our own!


Finally, threat of international taxes. UN and others despise the fact in the American system, Congress has to appropriate funds. UN and others want international bank tax (Britian's Brown has proposed this) airline tax... a way to get funding internationally for their agenda. Once the American people lose the ability to determine where they will be taxed "we have lost the revolution, my friends." Real question: If President Obama pursues the same policies, how secure will we be in three years? Keep up the debate. Sustain effort until 2012. Until we can evaluate our candidates and determine who is best suited to protect our American security. To Obama: We will not let you reduce American sovereignty. we will not let you make America vulnerable. As the oath of the office of the Presidency states "We will prevail over all enemies, foreign and domestic."


(I am a great fan of John Bolton. Excellent presentation of the facts and of what we,as Americans need to carefully guard against with regard to American sovereignty and security. The above are my notes on Amb. Bolton's speech -- Diane W. Collins.)



CPAC 2010 - Day Three
Saving Freedom from the Hoax of Global Warming


3:30 pm
Marriott Ballroom

Chris Horner, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming
Ann McElhinney, Not Evil Just Wrong: The True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria
Steve Milloy,
Myron Ebell, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Moderator: Dan Gainor, Business and Media Institute

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Comments (paraphrased, these are my notes - Diane W. Collins)


Chris Horner, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming –
Energy equals independence. Environmentalism seeks to use the state to increase scarcity. Clean energy agenda... is that what it is... political issue, global warming it will force us to "do the right thing" It's an excuse the issue is never the issue with environmentalists. Your lifestyle freedoms can’t be allowed. Fundamentally change America. Leadership seems to be asking other countries what's okay? Electricity rates will necessarily cause energy rates to skyrocket. That’s his goal. Planned recession, managed. Energy and climate czar, Carol Browner ... hold back some of the power, (Chris Horner)“Poor dears can't figure out how to use the thermostat... right out of the movie, 2001...Demand a stay of all of this until the science is clear... until it dies. Kyoto 2 to be held in Mexico... no cap and trade, no EPA back door. I don't have a burden of proof. I'm not asking for the biggest tax increase in history.


Steve Milloy,
Hockey stick ... (refers to the global warming science. “Green Hell”, what environmentalists are trying to do (book) Murkowski Resolution - EPA regulation is all cap and no trade. block EPA from regulating CO2. Next few weeks coming up in Senate. Left trying to kill it. Blanche Lincoln is getting blasted for her support of Murkowski Resolution. Support the Murkowski Resolution!


Myron Ebell, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Biggest threat to our prosperity and personal freedom is the global warming movement. Health care pushed it off the radar for moment. Energy is free market still. If government has it’s way they will be in your house telling you how much air conditioning or heat you can use. Global warming as movement has peaked... Climategate scandal and fact we haven't had any warming in the past 12 years. Cap and trade is dead in Congress. Died first week of July. Passed house on June 26th. Congress went home for July 4th recess, American people woke up. American people are who defeated cap and trade. One man we should thank more than anyone in the country Jim Inhofe. Be aware of the EPA, Copenhagen Accord, Ethanol Mandate,( higher standard for vehicles. 35.5 miles per gallon for regular cars, smart car gets 36 miles per gallon in 2016.) Single biggest threat is EPA regulation. Other threats, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins… What is to be done? Grassroots pressure against all energy rationing policies. Hold big business accountable be aware that rationing policies are being put forward in so called conservative principles. Hold republicans accountable. John McCain has been leader in the senate in cap and trade since the beginning. Solution is J.D. Hayworth. Get rid of opportunists inside the conservative party movement and if Tea Party conservatives can do it, great.


Ann McElhinney, Not Evil Just Wrong: The True Cost of Global
Would James Cameron please grow up... unfortunately you have to see it, (Cameron’s movie) beautiful compelling but rubbish, anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-mining rant and it is rubbish. Every child in this country is going to see it and believe that global warming is caused by us. This is important. Even if we win on cap and trade it will not go away. You need to hunt it down and stomp on it every time. Cameron is an idiot, I’d like to say to him… burn your passport and move to the rain forest and bring your mother there. Try it. Here's the bad news. What's going on in America. I want you to write to me at Tell me our stories. God bless Alaska, we love it. in Wasilla, we went up to show “Not Evil Just Wrong” and they gave us permission to show ten minutes of our film. Children have seen Inconvenient Truth three times. But, for our film they needed written consent from parent. In Alaska you can have an abortion without parent consent. So, I'm more dangerous than having an abortion. (More related stories of people who have contacted Ann) This is what's going on in the schools in America. I am a recent convert to conservatism. Conservatives have the best ideas but you're not teaching them. You are allowing teachers to abuse the children in the classroom by telling them things that aren't true. If you look at the curriculum you get why people take their children out and home school. In Wisconsin, they’re showing the Day After Tomorrow with science notes! Write to me. Tell me what your children are being told. Have you found it strange that in an arguments with environmentalist there are always too many people but not too many elephants????


(Absolutely fabulous... This woman may be my new best friend! -- Diane)










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