PM Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses Joint Session of Congress 3-3-15

A Better Path Forward


Before a joint session of Congress, Netanyahu outlined the two important issues that make Obama's nuclear deal with Iran a complete disaster. First, it allows Iran to keep its vast nuclear structure... no facility will be demolished, just temporarily disconnected but intact. Second, restrictions adherence will be supervised by inspectors. But, inspectors only document infractions. They cannot stop them from happening. And, these temporary restrictions will last only a decade! After that Iran has all their facilities in tact with a short "breakout period" to nuclear weapons. (That's if Iran actually follows the agreement and doesn't cheat!)


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***2016 Presidential Campaign***
Yes, it has begun although there are no officially declared candidates. And, the liberal media is at it again... attempting to disparage and define potential Conservative candidates using Saul Alinsky's, "12 Rules for Radicals." Don't liberals know we have their playbook?!

Time to get the grassroots movement going. Let's call out the liberal media on every negative play. 2016 will be won or lost online. So, those of us who know how, need to commit now. See you at CPAC 2015.

-- Diane W Collins
Member: AMA, AAPC



1. You're a Conservative.

2. You have any money left.

3. Your home is paid for... (They get confused over "non-leveraged" assets.)

4. Saving babies is more important than saving whales.

5. The definition of marriage.
6. Playing "bait-and-switch" in the worldwide sandbox can get you a nasty (or is that NAFTA) bloody nose.
7. To prioritize. (They think you can do everything at once... can you say, "overwhelmed?")

8. That listening is part of communication.

9. "Without the ability to fail... you will never understand true success."

10. The definition of Technical Dishonesty ...A lie is a lie even when you use a technicality (i.e. Slaughter Solution) to imply truth.